carrot torte recipe

A Classic Carrot Torte Recipe

A torte sounds so fancy, it’s an ideal dessert to make for formal occasions and casual Sunday night dinners. You can dress it up with icing and edible flowers or serve it plain. A nice cup of coffee can transform the torte into a complete dessert you can savor bite by bite.

oatmeal date cookies

Delicious Date Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Dried dates are an underappreciated ingredient in many homes. After all, who wants to eat dried fruit when chocolate, peanut butter, and frosting are available? However, dates are just as delicious as any other treat you can make, with an extra dash of nutrition. Combined with a healthy dose of oatmeal and fiber, these cookies are delicious to make on a Sunday afternoon to keep in the house throughout the week. You can choose to make them as more of a thumbprint cookie like I did or use the date filling as more of a topping. The best part of baking is getting to customize the recipe each time you make it.

Now You Can Make This No-Bake Grasshopper Pie

Now You Can Make This No-Bake Grasshopper Pie Recipe

For mint lovers everywhere, nothing is as refreshing as a big slice of grasshopper pie on a warm spring afternoon. With this no-bake grasshopper pie recipe, you can make it anytime. You may even have the ingredients for this pie sitting at home in your cupboards and fridge. If you’re careful about how big you make the slices, you might just be able to get 8 slices out of it. (Or you could just make it two big slices. I won’t tell anyone).