Fantastic 3 Homemade Pop Tarts Recipes

Fantastic 3 Homemade Pop Tarts Recipes

3 amazing flavours of pop tarts for you to make, they are Strawberry,Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Chocolate Fudge to choose from.

Why not make all three as they are easy to make, when I came across this recipe on the YouTube Channel  I was intrigued about the recipes although I have never tried a store brought pop tart myself but my daughters have they said that these recipes are really yummy and are great to make.

So why not check them out yourself, these great recipes are brought to you by Gemma Stafford on YouTube and on her website biggerbolderbaking, thanks for sharing these great recipes




To check out the ingredients you will need and the video to watch to see how to make them use the next page link below


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