Recipes To Make With That Leftover Halloween Candy

Recipes To Make With That Leftover Halloween Candy

Hope you all enjoyed Halloween whatever you were doing ,and if it was going out trick or treat with the children , it is now that you realise just how much Halloween candy they got from their neighbourhood and if you are like me with my children it is quite a lot so

If you can get them to part with some of it here is a few great recipes that you can make with it so that everyone can enjoy the candy together , of course some of it will never make it to these bakes but it worth a try

When I found these recipes I thought Wow as not all the candy will be eaten, it comes sticky and then gets throw away at some stage so why not check out some of these amazing recipes for using leftover Halloween candy

This main page is for a Peanut Butter Lovers Swirl Cake which looks so good of course there are other like Cupcakes with Candy Bar Frosting,Candy-Topped Brownie Torte and Chocolate Candy Cupcakes , there are 14 recipes in all

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