Tiramisu Cupcakes Recipe.. An Italian Classic Dessert In A Cupcake

When I came across this tiramisu cupcake recipe I just had to share it with you as the wonderful flavours in a tiramisu are fantastic that creamy texture is a dream .. and to bring those flavours to a cupcake well that is pure delight …

This recipe is a great one to follow that is brought to you courtesy of BuonaPappa on YouTube  and on the website buonapappa.net , thanks for sharing thids recipe with us

Here is an excerpt from the YouTube channel about these cupcakes and the recipe you need to make these cupcakes from the website

When the Italian tradition meets the American one, Tiramisu’ cupcakes come to life!
Moist, creamy and delicate: the mascarpone frosting goes perfectly with the coffee taste of the cupcake and the cocoa powder on top…lovely! Enjoy!


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