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Afternoon Baking With Grandma has been inspired by my own childhood when I would sit in my Nan’s kitchen watching her bake the most wonderful cakes and pies etc , the smell would be so yummy … once I was able to help out  myself she taught me a lot of her  own knowledge which then inspired me to become a chef ..


Like most of us we learn and love to watch parents and Grandparents bake , waiting to be able to lick the spoon , A great childhood past time …


When I was a child we only had access to cookbooks but now with the internet and social media sites we have a vast array of wonderful recipes and video tutorial to share with each other .. and in doing so I hope this website will spread some of those great written and shown recipes back to you too by sharing them


Happy baking

Sue  x


  1. You can only follow us on Facebook as all the recipes are on there too Vicki so use the like our page button on the facebook bit on the right hand side of the page and like the page and you will be able to follow using that.
    Hope this helps you

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