An Amazing Cookie Cheat Sheet For You So That You Can Make Perfect Cookies

Here are the answers to your most frequently asked (and Googled!) questions when planning and baking Christmas cookies… get the perfect cookies every time

I love this sheet as it gives you all the information you will need all in one place thanks for sharing it with us bettycrocker

The information in the sheet is

  • Basics
  • Trouble-Shooting
  • Decorating + Sharing
  • Techniques + Shortcuts

So why not check it out as it will help some of those questions about cookies

Here is a excerpt about one of the topic


How to Freeze Dough & Cookies


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Freeze individual unbaked cookies on cookie sheets. Once frozen, place in plastic freezer bags for up to 6 months. Bake frozen cookies a little longer than the bake time when you’re ready to use them.

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