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Hi my name is Frank and I’ve been in catering since 1974 when I joined the British Army and learned my trade there.

After leaving the Army I worked for the Army for a further 5 years in an Officers mess and frequently cooked for members of the British Royal Family when they visited.


I left there and then worked for P& O  and had the privilege of sailing for a week through the English channel following the tall ships race with the Belgian Royal Family on board as well as numerous British Cabinet members including the Home Secretary of the time

My catering experience throughout all of these has grown and grown and I have worked with a lot of chefs and each one has inputted to my knowledge of catering in their own way for which I am truly grateful.

I then settled down with my wife Susan who is also in catering and we have 6 wonderful children 3 of whom have also followed in our footsteps and gone into catering,one of them also trained with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall at the River Cottage so we are proud of all of them for their acheivements.



My wife Susan started her training under Jean Alexander up in London working at the livery companies and thoroughly enjoyed her training under Jean and she also had the privilege to work under some well known chefs such as Gary Rhodes up in London, and she too has served most members of the British Royal family.

susans training was in waiting and she learnt a huge amount whilst working for Jean Alexander such as Gueridon service which set her in good stead for some of the jobs she had after finishing with Jean.


As our children were growing up we found that we couldn’t commit to the hours that catering warranted as well as being parents and so cut down on the jobs quite a bit so we could focus on bringing up our children

We both still cook all be it for our families now and enjoy it when they come home on the holidays and especially Christmas when we all get together and it makes it all worthwhile seeing them and hearing what they have been doing.



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