About Us


AfternoonBakingWithGrandma.com is a recipe curation website full of fun baking recipes that you would love to do with your grandmother, from cakes and cupcakes to muffins and cookies. Whether you have your own grandchildren that you can make these recipes with or want to make a recipe that’s nostalgic of your own grandmother, you will likely find it here in the more than 5,000 recipes that we feature.


Some of the recipes are all original family recipes, while others are curated from the best of the internet. Consider it like Pinterest, with more information on why we selected each recipe and ways that you can use or present the recipe to your family. We strongly believe that making delicious desserts at home can bring families together.


AfternoonBakingWithGrandma.com launched in 2015 by Frank, a British Army veteran, and his wife Sue. Both had catering experience and lived to create delicious treats. They baked with their children and grandkids, some of whom decided to pursue it professionally.


In 2019, Triassic Media Group acquired the website AfternoonBakingWithGrandma.com to build on their legacy. We want to continue to bring you the best dessert recipes in one place, with humor and love.