Breaking News! Yogurt Cupcakes

Why not have a go at making these wonderful yogurt cupcakes with your children, they are so easy to make and I am sure they will enjoy helping you make them


I want to set up a group of easy baking recipes to make with kids or older children can make by themselves as I love to get in the kitchen with my Grandchildren, there  are many great recipes out there that you can make together from simple all-in-one cakes and you can decorate them together to easy  tray bakes and biscuits so I really hope to find you some great recipes

Here below is an excerpt from the website about baking together with children

Baking isn’t just about getting a yummy treat  it also teaches little ones important life skills. Get them to help you measure out ingredients to practice their counting and grasp of weights and measures. Wet ingredients help foster interest in volume and of course there’s the timing of each bake too. Kids will love counting down the minutes until they can bring their homemade bakes out of the oven and this is the best way we know of getting our kids to sit quietly and watch a timer! If you have slightly older children then you could let them take the baking from the oven themselves, making sure they use oven gloves and go carefully, to teach them about heat safety.  


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Here is a n excerpt about these cakes


These pretty yogurt cupcakes are perfect for making with the kids – they’re super simple and the kids can help at pretty much every stage. Each cupcake is filled with raspberry jam and the light sponge is made with yogurt which makes it extra spongey and moist. You can get as creative as you like with the decorating, but the swirls of buttercream make them look like roses. You can choose which colours to do the icing – just add a dash of of food colouring right before piping it.



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