Country-Style Pear And Mincemeat Tart

I love to make sweet mincemeat tarts leading up to and over the Christmas season so when I was looking for a different kind of recipe to make I came across this pear and mincemeat tart that looks so rustic and delicious that I just had to save it and then share it with you all so that you can make it too


I certainly will be trying out this recipe as the pear and  sweet mincemeat sounds so good


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Here below is a list of the ingredients you will need to make this tart from the website




Because mincemeat = holidays. At least it used to. If you’ve never had mincemeat, don’t let the name scare you off — it’s just a mixture of spiced fruits, distilled spirits, and sometimes (not so much these days) beef suet. Plus, you don’t have to do a thing; it comes in a can ready to use.



Country-Style Pear and Mincemeat Tart






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