Delicious Coffee & Cookie Brownies

I love baking bar recipes, they are  so good to bake because  everyone can enjoy like squares or bars, so I wanted to find you some bar recipes that are made in a tray giving everyone their own individual treat   .. I came across these recipes that are cake box mix or cookie box mix, so here for you are these Coffee & Cookie Brownies  , they look so delicious don’t they ?


So why not check out this amazing recipe that would be an ideal weekend bake … so grab that mixing bowl and apron and have fun with this bake


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Here below  is an excerpt about this recipe  from the website




For coffee-lovers, this dessert infuses the robust flavor into a classic brownie, then drops in more chocolate to complement the fudginess. When the brownies are baked on a sugar-cookie crust, the results are delectable.





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