Easy Coconut Biscuits Even A Newbie Can Do

What an amazing recipe to make with children are these coconut biscuits, they are easy to make so a really great weekend bake to make with the family , enjoy them with hot milk or hot chocolate …delicious

I want to set up a group of easy baking recipes to make with kids or older children can make by themselves as I love to get in the kitchen with my Grandchildren, there  are many great recipes out there that you can make together from simple all-in-one cakes and you can decorate them together to easy  tray bakes and biscuits so I really hope to find you some great recipes

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Want your children to learn a love of cooking? What better way to get them started than through their sweet tooth! These basic baking recipes are a perfect place to start (and they’re super yummy, too).


These coconut biscuits are simple, tasty and easy on the budget. They are perfect for kids to cook and made from simple pantry ingredients.



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