Fast And Easy Rainbow Chip Dump Cake

Looking for a recipe for special occasion like a birthday but don’t want to make a large cake well how about making this Rainbow Chip Dump Cake, so easy to make so you will have more time organising the rest of the party food etc

As soon as I came across this recipe I just had to share it onto you all as it is using a cake box mix etc that is what makes it so easy and fast to make


This great recipe has been brought to you by website, thanks for sharing it with us


Rainbow chips, sprinkles and birthday cake come together to make this deliciously fun and colorful cake that’s perfect for any occasion.


1 box (4-serving size) Jell-O™ vanilla instant pudding & pie filling mix
1 1/2 cups milk
1 box Betty Crocker™ SuperMoist™ party rainbow chip cake mix
1 container (16 oz) Betty Crocker™ Rich & Creamy rainbow chip frosting
1 1/2 cups crushed Oreo™ Golden crème sandwich cookies birthday cake flavor (about 12 cookies)
1 tablespoon Betty Crocker™ Decorating Decors rainbow mix, if desired
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