Home-Made Salt Water Taffy Recipe

Home- Made Salt Water Taffy Recipe

Coming from Britain I am not quite sure what salt water taffy is as we don’t make it over here but it seems very popular else where ,so I thought I would but up a recipe for you guys and find out a little bit more about salt water taffy in the process


After looking at the video tutorial that shows you how to make salt water taffy I am really looking forward in making some myself as it looks fun to make by pulling the mixture in your hands once cooled and you can make whatever flavours you wish which sounds amazing

This recipe shows you how to make the basic recipe  which is brought to you courtesy of Sia Blu on YouTube where she makes watermelon flavour .. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us

Here below is a excerpt about salt water taffy from wikipedia.org which I found useful to find out what taffy is and where it originated from


Taffy, or chews, are a type of candy similar to toffee. Taffy is often sold alongside bubblegum and hard candy. Taffy is made by stretching or pulling a sticky mass of boiled sugar, butter or vegetable oil, flavorings, and coloring until it becomes aerated (meaning that tiny air bubbles are produced, resulting in a light, fluffy and chewy candy[1]). When this process is complete, the taffy is rolled, cut into small pastel-coloured pieces and wrapped in wax paperto keep it soft. It usually has a fruityflavor, but other flavors are common as well, including molasses and the classic unflavored taffy.


Salt water taffy was a noted invention of Atlantic City, New Jersey, and became a common souvenir of many coastal resort towns. Modern commercial taffy is made primarily from corn syrup, glycerin and butter. The pulling process, which makes the candy lighter and chewier, consists of stretching out the mixture, folding it over and stretching it out again. Although it is called “salt water” taffy, it does not include any salt water in its manufacture at all. In the nearby Philadelphia regional dialect, the term “taffy”, without “salt water” before it, used to refer to a lollipop or sucker.

Article Source From wikipedia.org


 To check out the recipe for salt water taffy please use the link below



Photo source David Berkowitz