How To Make Jaffa Cakes

On growing up I loved these jaffa cakes and my kids so I  wanted to share this recipe that I found onto you guys so that you can make them yourselves too

Jaffa cakes are one of those fantastic cakes but also they are like a biscuit but sponge based with a orange jelly center covered in dark chocolate .. pure delight once you have tried them

They are so easy to make by following this great recipe that has been brought to you courtesy of bakingmad website , thanks for sharing this recipe with us

Here is a list of  the ingredients you will need to make this recipe which is in metric and imperial measurements from the website

  • Egg(s)  (free range)

  • 1 oz Half Spoon granulated sugar Half Spoon granulated sugar

  • 1⅞ oz Plain white flour sieved (we use Allinson)Plain white flour

  • ⅞ oz Jelly sugar free, sachet

  • 2¾ oz Dark chocolate chips


To check the full written recipe from it’s original source on bakingmad website please use the next page link below





Photo source Lee McCoy