Love These Brown Butter Caramelized Apple Crisp Bars

I love baking this time of the years as there are some amazing flavours around in the fall and leading up to Christmas like cinnamon, pumpkin and apple so I have been looking for some recipes to share with you that have those flavours, so how about these Brown Butter Caramelized Apple Crisp Bars , that will Wow Your family or guests this Festive Season


Put a smile on your face and your family by making these amazing fall recipes that are brimming over with amazing flavours .. happy baking


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They may be a tad crumbly on top due to all the streusel, but the bottom layer should stay nice and firm. I cut my bars into larger granola size bars, but I actually recommend cutting them into smaller squares. I think the smaller squares will stay together a little better and be easier to store.

I used a mix of granny smith and  honeycrisp apples, but you can use whatever your favorite apple to bake with is. I highly recommend honeycrisp and pink lady apples, they add a little different flavor than the typical granny smith.





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