Love This Newfoundland Cherry Cake

I love this time of the year when we start to think about holiday baking , so I wanted to find you a number of recipes that are fruit cakes of some kind as we all seem to love a fruit cake , so here for you is this lovely cherry cake that I think you might like to make


This cherry cake is great as it is less heavy than a fruit cake so I think it will be a great one if you don’t want a heavy cake


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  “Cherry Cake”. A moist, dense pound cake with glace cherries and flavored with almond extract, this treat is a universal Christmas favorite in almost every Newfoundland household I know.

I can’t tell you how many different recipes I’ve tried over the years for Newfoundland Cherry Cake; recipes that use cake flour, recipes that use regular flour, recipes that use thick cream, recipes that use whipping cream, recipes that use whole milk, all butter recipes, recipes that combine shortening and butter…I’ve tried them all and still keep coming back to this standard recipe that I’ve made for decades. It’s hard to imagine a Christmas in our home without it.




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