Love These Crazy Milkshakes That Are Such Fun

If you love milkshake how about trying out one of these they are crazy and fun and, of course, most definitely  yummy,  milkshakes  like this seem to be the trend  and they are popping up everywhere it different food outlets so how about making your own in your own home


These great crazy milkshakes  are brought to you by website, thanks for sharing these milkshakes ideas  with us.. so why not check them out they are a whole dessert in a milkshake .. yummy



Here is an excerpt from the website about how you can make you own crazy milkshakes

Here, Isidori shares some tips for how to create your own over-the-top milkshakes at home:

1. Think about how you can transform your favorite dessert into a shake and let your imagination run wild. “You have to have fun with it,” he says. Use vanilla ice cream and milk as a base, then think about if you need a touch of chocolate syrup or some crushed cookies to get the flavor you want. Blend the ingredients together and pour them into a tall glass.

2. Rim the glass with something sticky like frosting, peanut butter, cookie dough or caramel. You need this layer so the fun bits will adhere to the glass properly.

3. Stack your favorite sweet treats on top and don’t hold back. From cake to pie—anything goes here!

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