Lovely Lemon Brownies

Lemon Brownies

I love a good brownie or bar recipe so I wanted to share some recipes with you that I think you will love so how about these Lemon Brownies .. they look good don’t they

.. I found the recipes from a wonderful website called which is owned by Kathleen Smith who is honoured  for us to share this recipe with you all


Here is a excerpt from Kathleen about this recipe which is on the website .. thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe with us


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Have you ever had Lemon Brownies????

AKA, Lemonies, or Lemon Fudgies.

AKA, my latest foodie crush?

Well, if you haven’t tried them yet, maybe I can tempt you…..

Are you a lemon lover?

Well, have I got a bar for you!

Obviously, as you can see from the photos, these brownies are sans chocolate.

They’re referred to as a brownie because of their texture, not their flavor.

But, let me tell ya, the fresh lemon flavor is amazing…..really AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Like a good chocolate brownie, these bars are dense, fudgy, and moist.

The flavor is like the best bite you’ve ever had of sweet, fresh, bursting, intense lemon yumminess.

Seriously, I’ve never had anything taste so wonderfully and intensely lemony.

These bars are like taking an express elevator straight up to Lemon Heaven!!!

While some lemon confections rely on using lemon extract to deliver that delicious lemon punch, these bars do not.

No, the flavor here is all au naturel, my friends.

Lots of fresh lemon zest and fresh lemon juice.




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