How To Make Chocolate Milk

Here for you are 4 different way of making this wonderful drink chocolate milk which I really hope you enjoy .. seeing as it is National Chocolate Milk Day I wanted to find a recipe for you so how about 4 different ways of making this drink .. can’t be bad


A really great drink to make when you want that cooling drink and something chocolatey too


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National Chocolate Milk Day is observed annually on September 27. This is a day to enjoy a tall, frosty glass of chocolate goodness.

Chocolate milk is loved by people of all ages!


Invented by Hans Sloane in the later 1680s, chocolate milk can be purchased premixed or it can be made at home with either cocoa powder and a sweetener or with melted chocolate, chocolate syrup or chocolate milk mix.

While Sloane was in Jamaica he encountered cocoa where the locals there drank it mixed with water.  After trying it, he was reported to have founded it nauseating.  Sloane then found a way to mix the cocoa with milk to make it more pleasant tasting.  Upon returning to England, he brought the chocolate recipe back with him.  Now people enjoy this delicious drink everyday.



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