How To Make This Cranberry & Orange Strudel

Delicious and amazing orange desserts that is what I wanted to look for you so that I could share them with you all for whatever occasion , so after searching I found this recipe for a Cranberry & Orange Strudel that looks so delicious don’t you think great to make for the holidays

Oranges give that beautiful flavour to desserts and bakes .. a wonderful citrus fruit that should be used more often as it works so well with other flavours


I was so happy to find this recipe by  bhg website , thank you for sharing it with us all


Here below is an excerpt about this recipe from the website




Cranberries, tart apple, orange peel, and chopped pecans stuff these flaky, fruit-filled pastries. The baked dessert gains flavor from fresh rosemary sprigs and a buttery brown sugar syrup.







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