How To make This Delicious Chocolate Stack Loaf

A really wonderful recipe that will have all your chocolate fan running to the kitchen ready to make this chocolate stack loaf .. when I found this recipe I was so pleased as it is so delicious and as you can see from the recipe it is easy to make too

So why not check out this recipe and get baking every soon as this is the recipe to make



I was so happy to find this  recipe on bhg website , thank you for sharing it with us all


Here below is an excerpt about this recipe from the website plus the list of the ingredients you will need from the website too




This rich cake is ready in less than an hour. “Don’t worry — the batter will seem low in the pan, but it bakes beautifully to a 1-inch layer,” says recipe developer Alice Medrich. “The fudge frosting needs an hour or so to chill, to thicken and become spreadable. Don’t substitute for the natural sweetened cocoa powder.”



Chocolate Stack Loaf



Easy Fudge Frosting





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