How To Make These Mocha-Filled Banana Cupcakes

Banana recipes … what can I  say, they seem to be  so popular for some reason and bakers are always on the look out for new recipes , so I had to do the same and find you some recipes that I think you will love .. so how about these Mocha-Filled Banana Cupcakes, they look so enticing

Wonderful  classic dessert recipes using those overripe bananas on your kitchen counter, banana are such great fruit when it comes to baking


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Mashed bananas and shortening make these adorable banana cupcakes extra moist and flavorful. Each bite packs a scrumptious banana butter frosting, warm banana cake, and gooey espresso cream cheese filling. For a bit of crunch, top with baked banana chips





Mocha-Filled Banana Cupcakes



Banana Butter Frosting






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