How To Make Watergate Cake

I was so intrigued by this cake when I found it when looking for some recipes to share with you all, to start with I thought it was a carrot cake but I just had to stopped and investigate so I looked it up what a watergate cake is so here for you is an article that I found


Watergate Cake: A Historically Interesting Pistachio Pudding Mix Cake

Have you ever heard of Watergate Cake? To those who were of baking (or eating) age in the 1970s, this extremely moist, pistachio-pudding-mix-packed cake may sound familiar. Why call it Watergate? Turns out, it was the product of serendipitous timing.

The late 1960s into the 70s was an era during which cakes made with pudding mix reigned. Good examples can be found in Better Than Sex Cake or Sock It to Me Cake. (Go ahead, Google them. They’re not as dramatic as they sound, but they’re decidedly tasty.)

After the Watergate scandal broke, there was a surge of interest in all things Richard Nixon. Turns out, pistachio was a favorite flavor of Nixon’s, and so all sorts of pistachio-flavored treats proliferated and were dubbed “Watergate.” This cake is one of the more enduring examples, possibly because of its clever topping: “cover up” icing (a still-famous term in the cake decorating world).

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