Sangria.. 10 Fruit And Delicious Recipes For A Party

I really love Sangria I got hooked onto this fruity refreshing drink when visiting Spain  as a family and I really enjoyed relaxing siting enjoying it whilst watching the world go by .. so it reminds so much of warm beautiful holidays and it makes me smile


So for National Sangria Day I had to find that prefect recipe for you to try too .. but I did not just find one I found 10 all in one place for you to check out


These great party drink recipes are brought to you by website , thanks for sharing them with us


Here below is the pictures of five of the recipes there are 5 more in which all 10 recipes can be found at the link at the bottom of this page along




If you like your drinks well mixed “National Sangria Day” is the perfect day for you. Normally it is made with a mix of wine and fresh fruit, but there are other variations on this recipe and even some that and non-alcoholic…






Traditional Sangria






Sparkling Fruit Sangria






Carolina Peach Sangria





Pomegranate Sangria






Summer Rosé Sangria


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Th 5 other sangria recipes which are …Melon Sangria,Berry Sangria,Non-Alcoholic Sangria,White Sangria Sparkler and Cava Sangria




 To get the recipe for each of the delicious sangria’s please use the link below





National Sangria Day

The National Sangria Day is celebrated on December 20. It is somewhat ironic as sangria is a fruity wine punch usually drank as a refreshing beverage.

Sangria is named after the Spanish word “sangre” which means blood. It is understandable as sangria is usually made with read wine and thus has deep red color. Sangria originated in Spain and Portugal where it is typically served during summer months. It has also become popular in Britain and the United States where it is sold by many supermarkets.

Sangria is made with wine, chopped fruit and/or berries, and a sweetener (sugar, syrup, or honey). A small amount of brandy may also be added. Sometimes sangria is diluted with soda water, soft drinks, or orange juice. Chopped fruit can include (but are not limited to) apple, lemon, orange, lime, peach, nectarine, grape, pineapple, melon, mango, and kiwifruit. This beverage is chilled before serving.

The variation of sangria made with white wine instead of red is known as sangria blanca. Sometimes mulled wine is used to provide a richer taste. A non-alcoholic version of the drink also exists.

Although sangria is a typical summer drink, the National Sangria Day is observed in December. Consider it a perfect occasion to reminisce about summer.

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