Top 10 Easy Recipes For Fruit Cake

Fruit cake is so good to make over the festive season, it is one of those cakes that you can make in advance and keep in a air tight tin wrapped up just ready for when you have visitors over the holidays


I love to make a fruit cake over the holidays as family and friends love to have a piece with that cup of coffe or tea .. there is nothing quite like the festive feel that this amazing cake gives


So with it being National Fruit Cake Day I wanted to find you a recipes well in fact I found you 10 to choose from which can’t be bad .. can it ?


These great fruit cake recipes are brought to you by website , thanks for sharing them with us


Here below are the pictures of 5 of the recipes there are 5 more .. to get the recipes for all 10 please use the link at the bottom of this page




Spiced Rum Fruitcake





Tropical Tea Fruitcake





Spiced Whisky Fruitcake





Jeweled Fruitcake





Blonde Fruitcake


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There are 5 other fruit cake recipes which are …Apple Fruitcake,Hot Toddy Fruitcake,Regal Fruitcake,Chocolate Fruitcake and Apricot And Ginger Fruitcake





 To get the fruit cake recipe of all 10 please use the link below


National Fruitcake Day

The National Fruitcake Day is observed on December 27, a few days after Christmas. There is no wonder as fruitcake (sometimes spelled “fruit cake”) is a typical Christmas dish in many countries.

A fruitcake is a cake made with candied fruit and/or dried fruit, nuts, and spices. It may be soaked in spirits and iced. Fruitcake is very rich therefore it is rarely served with condiments. The earliest fruitcake recipe dates back to ancient Romans. It was made with barley mash, raisins, pine nuts, and pomegranate seeds. In Middle Ages, spices, honey, and preserved fruits were used.

Nowadays many countries have their own varieties of fruitcake depending on the ingredients available in the regions they are situated in. For example, a traditional German Christmas fruitcake is made with butter, yeast, flour, water, almonds, raisins, spices and zest. It is called Stollen. Typical British Christmas fruitcake is covered in marzipan and royal icing.

Traditional American fruitcakes are made with much nuts and fruit. Homemade fruitcakes are typically soaked in brandy or liqueur while most mass-produced fruitcakes are alcohol-free. It is interesting to know, that fruitcakes saturated with alcohol can remain edible for months and even years as spirits prevent mold. Some people believe that alcohol-soaked fruitcakes can improve with age.


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