A Truly Wonderful Lemon Cake-Pie

I was really intrigued when I found this lemon cake pie has it has that magic aspect about it and I just know you all love lemon recipes so it was one that I had to share with you all .. a really amazing cake that you just have to check out


I found this recipe on what2cook.net but it originally comes from a site called cravingcomfort.blogspot.co.uk in which the recipe was found in their Grandmothers recipe box, so I love old recipes I think we should keep them alive



Here is an excerpt about this cake from the website


Lemon Cake-Pie

I love Lemon

The Man-of-My-Dreams loves lemon.

My many children love lemon.

Thus, I make things with lemon!

We love lemon cake.

We love lemon pie.

We love lemon!

When I found this recipe for Lemon Cake-Pie in my Grandmothers recipe box,

I was intrigued.

Is it a cake?

Is it a pie?

well… It’s BOTH!

This super-easy pie bakes into a light (almost angel-food-like) cake on top of a creamy custardy crust-full-of-yummy-ness!


To get the full recipe please use the link below the picture





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To Get The Recipe Please Use The Link Below







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