Try This Cute Cupcakes Recipe Which Is Gluten And Dairy Free Too

Try This Cute Cupcake Recipe Which Is Gluten And Dairy Free Too

I just love the fact hat you know exactly what you are eating when you bake your own desserts and with the recipes from the Dessert Angel you get all the nutritional breakdown too making it so easy to know what you are eating and can include this in your weight loss program for maximum effect.

Here is an excerpt from the recipe for you from the recipe book called “Heavenly Recipes Guide”

This is just some of the recipe and here is the nutritional breakdown

As you can see this is not only a great and tasty cupcake recipe but a healthy one too and it can quite easily be made part of a controlled diet to lose weight.

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If you do want a copy of the recipe book I do get a small gratuity from it so I can buy myself some more great books just like this to give you even more fabulous recipes


Photo source: Dessert Angels