Yummy Caramel Apple Sheet Cake

Caramel Apple Sheet Cake

I love to bake cake just like all you fellow bakers so I wanted to look for some new recipes that we both would love to make for that special occasion or just to have with that cup of treat , that weekend treat so how about this amazing recipe for a Caramel Apple Sheet Cake.. so yummy looking


.. I found the cake  recipes from a wonderful website called gonnawantseconds.com which is owned by Kathleen Smith who is honoured  for us to share this recipe with you all

Here is a excerpt from Kathleen about this recipe which is on the website .. thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe with us

To find the full recipe please use the link below


I think naming recipes is a tricky business. One has to be accurate and appealing all at once. When I decided to make up this fantastic recipe, I couldn’t imagine finding a more mouth-watering combination of words: Caramel Apple Sheet Cake. It sounds good. And let me tell you, the finished dish lives up to the name.

True, I am a little biased—I’ve got a thing for sheet cake.

The proportion of cake to frosting or icing in a delicious sheet cake recipe is unbeatable. Each bite of a sheet cake comes perfectly topped with a delicious little dollop of frosting. (Is anyone else’s mouth suddenly watering?)

The amount of frosting on a sheet cake is enticing. You just can’t get that ratio from a layer cake.




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To Get The Full Recipe :http://www.gonnawantseconds.com/2016/09/caramel-apple-sheet-cake/

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