How Yummy Are These Chocolate Banana Cupcakes?

How Yummy Are These Chocolate Banana Cupcakes?

These banana cupcakes look so good with that chocolate and banana flavour a really great combination.

The soft moist sponge with that wonderful piped chocolate frosting makes these cakes great to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or when you are inviting family or friends round for coffee or even for that afternoon tea they would be great just to offer with that cuppa

A great video tutorial that is easy to follow on how to make these yummy cupcakes so why not check out this recipe and start baking x

This great recipe is brought to you by Stephanie Jaworski Joy of Baking on YouTube and on her website , thanks for sharing this recipe with us


To check out the ingredients you will need and the video to watch use the next page link below


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Originally posted 2014-11-05 10:27:11.