Yummy Chocolate-Walnut Bread Pudding With Coffee-Kahlua Cream Sauce

I love chocolate recipes  so I wanted to find you a few that I think you may love and I came across this Chocolate-Walnut Bread Pudding With Coffee-Kahlua Cream Sauce that I thought looked so delicious that I just had to share it with you all..  a great  recipe for all you chocolate fans I think .. a truly wonderful looking dessert for a weekend treat


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Here below is a list of the ingredients you will need and a excerpt too both from the website




While not technically a chocolate lava cake, this warm bread pudding gets soaked in melty chocolate and topped with a creamy homemade coffee liqueur sauce that passes our melt-in-your-mouth test.




Chocolate-Walnut Bread Pudding with Coffee-Kahlua Cream Sauce



Coffee-Cream Sauce






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To Get The Recipe :http://www.bhg.com/recipe/chocolate-walnut-bread-pudding-with-coffee-kahlua-cream-sauce/


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