Yummy Dipped Chocolate Cookie Sticks

We all seem to love easy dessert recipes that don’t need t many ingredients to make.. so how about making these Dipped Chocolate Cookie Sticks , great to mak to have with that mug of hot chocolate , I was so pleased when I found a some recipes that just take a few ingredients to make,most of which you can find in your stored cupboards

Take a shortcut to sweetness with  some favorite desserts that require just five ingredients. With easy recipes for you

So why not check out this recipe and have fun making it for your family or friends

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Here below is a list of the ingredients you will need and an  excerpt about the recipe both from the website



Make over chocolate chip cookies by baking refrigerated dough into biscotti-like sticks. Dunk the dessert in a creamy chocolate coating, and enjoy with your next cup of coffee.




Dipped Chocolate Cookie Sticks






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