Coconut Rum Balls Recipe

Coconut Rum Balls Recipe

An absolute favorite in my home – this delicious and rum-flavored balls are a real treat for you. I love this recipe because it can be made in advance and serve it for several days because they can last to 5-6 days.


I love the preparation process because it will take a minimum of time, but will bring a maximum of pleasure. I love recipes that are made in just 5-10 minutes and are full of flavor. The elegant taste comes from the rum you are using in this recipe, and the exterior of the balls – shredded coconut adds a hint of exotic taste and finish to the recipe.


Also, this recipe is so kid-friendly that your kids will enjoy rolling up the dough – Yes it is that easy to prepare. The recipe travels well in a school lunch box, or you can simply have it as a snack later in the day. I assure you will enjoy the rum-flavored coconut balls recipe.


Ingredients for Coconut Rum Balls 


250 grams chocolate cookies 

400 grams condensed milk 

2 teaspoons rum extract 

½ cup of cocoa powder 

½ cup shredded coconut

pinch of salt


How to Make Coconut Rum Balls 


In a large bowl, place all of the ingredients and combine them with a wooden spoon until dough forms.


Roll some pieces into balls between your hands and roll them again in coconut flakes. Chill them well before serving. Enjoy!


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