Delicious Toffee Crumble Apple Pie

Hi Fellow Bakers

We won’t believe what happen to me the other day I had just made the wonderful Toffee  crumble apple pie that I was really proud of as was trying it out as a recipe that I could share with you ….

It was cooling on the side and I had to pop out of the kitchen for a while I must have been done for a minute or two and on arriving back in the kitchen the pie had vanished  …

It was on the floor being eaten by our Malamute Simba who just look up at me with this kind of smile on his face saying that was good Mum  … so that was the end of this pie tasting so I can’t really tell you what the recipe is like but Simba can

All I can say it did look amazing so please try it out yourself just remember to keep an eye on it

Here is the link to the recipe on  website


Afternoon Baking With Grandma


Sue X

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