Delicious Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe

A great classic cupcake recipe that is a great one to follow , these have a frosting on them .. a very yummy afternoon treat for a tea party , great for childrens parties too .. I love this recipe so I wanted to share it with you all so why not take a look at this fab recipe x


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Here is an excerpt from Stephanie Jaworski of Joy of baking has to say about these cupcakes


Vanilla Cupcakes (Fairy Cakes) have become so popular. Gone are the days when they were only served at children’s birthday parties dressed with a quick swipe of frosting and a sprinkling of colored sugar. Today’s cupcakes show up everywhere, from adult birthday parties to weddings and their decorations range from the very simple to stunning works of art.

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Click the link below to see how to make these cupcakes


Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe




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