Love Italian Cream Cake ? Then Try These Cupcakes

Italian Cream Cupcakes

The most decadent looking italian cream cake for these cupcakes with the soft fluffy sponge and are decorated with creamy cheeses  frosting with  crunchy pecan nuts to decorate , this makes  these Italian cream cupcakes a total mouthwatering treat ..

I love the way they are so inviting with that super cherry on the top .. this great recipe is brought to you by  Jaclyn, creator of the food blog .. thanks for sharing this fab recipe

Here is a excerpt from Jaclyn from webite about these cupcakes just to get thoes taste buds working

 You get this decadent toasted sweetness from the shredded coconut and just the right amount of crunch from the pecans, and that perfect creamy richness from the luscious cream cheese frosting – all paired together in one soft and fluffy Italian Cream Cupcake! You are going to love them!!

Go the extra mile and don’t forget the cherry on top! Always a win in my book.

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