Mason Jar Candy Corn Cheesecakes You Want

Mason jar desserts are such fun so when I found this recipe for Mason Jar Candy Corn Cheesecakes I just had to share it with you just in time for Halloween as no party would be complete without a creamy dreamy dessert to have

A really easy dessert to make that is truly fun and yummy of course as well, so why not give this recipe ago I am sure you won’t be disappointing


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Here below is a excerpt about this cake from the website


Personal trifles and cheesecakes are my absolute favorite, especially when they come in a mason jar! You can lid it up for later or enjoy as many as you want right away!


Though this might look like candy corn, it most definitely isn’t. This creamy colorful layered cheesecake is a show stopper for sure! oh ,did I mention there’s no baking needed! Give these as party favors by putting the lid on!



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