Silky Smooth White Frosting Recipe

I love this frosting recipe as it is easy to make and it is a versatile frosting to make for your cakes or cupcakes as it will go with any flavour of cake you have to frost , it is so yummy as well and will be prefect for your wonderful cakes

So why not check out this recipe below and have a go at making it yourself


      1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened to room temperature
      1 pound powder sugar
      3-4 tablespoons water
      1 teaspoon flavoring (vanilla or almond extract,coffee, or lemon juice)
Now To Make This Frosting
      Sift your sugar onto a plate , then place the butter in a bowl or into a food processor and whip until smooth , add the sugar that you have just sifted a little at a time beating as you do , add a little water at a time as well until your frosting reaches the desired thickness you wish , you can now stir in the flavouring you wish
      Your frosting is now ready to use
     This Frosting makes  2 cups



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