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Yummy Chocolate-Dipped “Cannoli” Cupcakes

I love to bake and look for new recipes that I think you will all love to try out too, so how about these Chocolate-Dipped “Cannoli” Cupcakes, they look so inviting and a really easy recipe to follow as I found it on YouTube so there is a video to accompany the recipe which is ideal when it comes to following recipes so happy happy

This great recipe has been brought to you by Tasty on YouTube, thanks for sharing it with us

Here below is the recipe and video tutorial for you


Here is what you’ll need!

Chocolate-Dipped Cannoli Cupcakes
Servings: 12


1 box of cake mix, prepared

Cannoli Cream
15 ounces ricotta
8 ounces mascarpone, room temperature
1 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup mini chocolate chips

Chocolate Coating
2 cups dark chocolate
3 tablespoons coconut oil

Preheat the oven to 350°F/180°C.
Line a muffin tin with liners and cooking spray.
Prepare cake mix according to its directions.
Fill liners about ¾ of the way up with the cupcake batter.
Bake for about 20-25 minutes. A toothpick should come out dry when inserted.
Allow the cupcakes to cool completely.
In a large bowl, combine the ricotta, mascarpone, powdered sugar, and vanilla. Mix until well combined.
Fold in the mini chocolate chips.
Cut a circle in the center of each cupcake and press the center down into the bottom, creating a hole.
Cut a ½ inch hole on the tip of a pastry or zip top bag and fill with the cannoli cream.
Fill the cupcake with cannoli cream and use a spiraling motion to create a swirl of the cream on top of the cupcake.
Put the cupcakes in the freezer for about 1 hour or until firm.
Melt the dark chocolate and coconut oil together.
Carefully, dip the tops of the cupcakes into the melted chocolate.
Place in the refrigerator to firm up if need be.


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