Yummy Chocolate Ooey Gooey Bars

Marshmallow creme is such a great ingredient to use in desserts .. it makes such amazing  mouthwatering desserts that I just had to look for some for you to try out so how about this Chocolate Ooey Gooey Bars, that looks so good I just couldn’t pass this recipe by without sharing it with you

So come on fellow bakers there is no excuse no for not picking up that jar of Marshmallow creme when shopping

Marshmallow creme is an American confectionery. It is a very sweet, spreadable, marshmallow-like confection…. simply delicious



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Here below is an excerpt  from the website about this dessert



Which layer is your favorite? The brownie bottom, the gooey marshmallow, or the chocolate crispy rice cereal marshmallow treats on top? I am not sure I can decide





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