Yummy Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Cakes

I have a  real passion for chocolate cake so I wanted to find you a few that I think you may love and I came across this  amazing recipe for Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Cakes , really delicious looking individual cakes to make .. great for all you chocolate fans I think .. wonderful little cakes that deserve to be made


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Here below is a list of the ingredients you will need and a excerpt too both from the website




The made-for-each-other pairing of raspberries and dark chocolate is the inspiration for these mini cakes. And because they’re baked in muffin tins, they’re easy to make, too.





Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Cakes

  • 2cups raspberries
  • Chocolate Truffle Icing
  • Raspberries


Chocolate Truffle Icing







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To Get The Recipe :http://www.bhg.com/recipe/cupcakes/dark-chocolate-raspberry-cakes/

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