Love These 10 Apple Betty Recipes

I have over the years often often made a apple Betty and it has been popular to have for a Sunday dessert.. what I like about this dessert that is different from  cobbler or apple crisp is that the fruit is baked in layers  between the sweetened crumbs  making a really delicious texture .. I love to serve mine with cream or ice cream just to be naughty


I was really impressed and just had to share with you these 10 different version of the  Apple Brown Betty that all look so delicious the hardest thing is to know which one to bake first


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Here below is the pictures of 5 of the recipes there are another 5 in which all the recipes can be found by using the link at the bottom of the page




Classic Apple Betty





Caramel Apple Brown Betty




Apple And Apricot Betty





Blackberry and Apple Brown Betty





Apple-Granola Betty


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Here are the other 5 apple brown Betty recipes  ….. Apple Brown Betty,Apple Betty Ambrosia,Spiced Apple Betty,Chocolate Apple Betty and Apple Betty with Almond Cream





 To get all the recipes for Apple Brown Betty please use the link below


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