How To Make Stollen Bread

Welcome to 24 days Of Christmas Baking .. a count down to baking wonderful recipes for the family and friends to enjoy 

I love Christmas baking so I wanted to find you some recipes that I think you may love and share one with you each day ..

 Day 6 …. Stollen Bread 


No Christmas would be complete without trying a stollen bread recipe, the first time that I try this bread I was so impressed it taste wonderful great to make to have on Christmas morning .

It has that Festive feel about it that I just love .. so I hope you do too



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Here below is a list of the ingredients you will need from the website and the video tutorial from YouTube



Trust us, this is no fruit cake. Stollen bread (pronounced shtoe-len) is a German delicacy that has been made around Christmas time for hundreds of years. This cake-like bread is chock full of dried fruit, nuts and spices, making it similar to a mulled wine—just without the vino.

The traditional version includes candied citrus peels, raisins, almonds, cinnamon, cardamom but other variations can include everything from rum and vanilla to marzipan and other dried fruits. Don’t expect this bread to be super sweet. When it was created all the way back in the 1500s, sugar was expensive and rarely a part of the common household. However, modern versions make up for it with a powdered sugar or icing coating, adding that extra pop of sweetness we’ve all come to know and love.



Stollen Bread

8 oz butter
5 oz sugar
½ tsp salt
5 oz eggs
8 oz milk
1.25 oz fresh yeast or 0.4 oz. active dry yeast
1 1b 4 oz bread flour
1 tsp lemon zest
¾ tsp vanilla
¾ tsp almond extract
3 oz light and dark raisins
3 oz red and green candied cherries
¼ cup orange juice
2 tbsp rum
12 oz almond paste





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