Why Not Try These Chocolate Rum Balls Recipe This Holidays

Chocolate Rum Balls

Anything to do with chocolate always gets my attention, and this is no exception. You’ll be adding quite a bit of rum to this recipe, so this is not a dessert for children. This delicious treat is perfect for the holidays, and it will be quite the conversation starter, especially when the rum has kicked in. This recipe will make 20 small rum balls for everyone to enjoy. But it’s so easy to make; you can easily make 2-3 batches of this wonderful dessert.


My grandmother was from Sweden, and on every holiday, there’s always these delicious chocolate balls covered in coconut. Of course, there’s no alcohol in it, but when I found out that my local bakery makes these and add a bit of rum in it, I just had to make this recipe.


This is a classic holiday dessert, and the traditional way to make it is to cover it in coconut like my grandmother used to make. But don’t let that stop you, you can add something that you or your family like, like peanut butter, marzipan, or sprinkle some chopped walnuts, drizzle with more chocolate, or anything you like.


Ingredients for Chocolate Rum Balls


8 ounces stale chocolate brownies, crumbled

1/3 cup dark rum (or as needed)

4 – 5 ounces of good quality dark chocolate (70% Cocoa)


How to Make Chocolate Rum Balls


Using a large mixing bowl, soak the brownies first with the rum and then mix until well combined (until you have a paste-like consistency). Line a plate with plastic or parchment paper and scoop the brownies mixture using a sorbet scoop (about 1-inch) and place on the plate. Cover and put in the freezer until firm enough to roll (15-20 minutes). Take out the balls, roll, and put back in the fridge until they are ready to coat.


Chop the dark chocolate and then place it in a bowl but reserve about 25% (to use later). In a saucepan, bring about 1-inch of water to simmer over low heat and place the dark chocolate bowl over the water to melt. About halfway melted, turn off the heat and whisk until completely melted, then add the reserved chocolate. Using forks, place the balls into the chocolate and roll to coat and place on a plastic-lined pan. Allow cooling once you’re done coating all the balls. Transfer to a plate, dust with a little cocoa powder, and enjoy.



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